What if you could...

E N E R G Y  +  C L A R I T Y
Wake up before your alarm {gasp!} with incredible energy & a clear mind that lasts through the whole day, instead of 3pm crashes, caffeine gimmies, and sugar runs.
L U S C I O U S   E A T I N G
Eat deliciously without the guilt - and not just salads that leave you wanting more. Sister, healthy doesn’t have to be bland, depriving, isolating or time consuming…Think: real, beautiful, & downright lusciousness.
C O N F I D E N C E  +  T R U S T
Be confident, clear, and trusting of yourself with food and what your body needs to thrive, instead of confused, frustrated, and saying, "F’ this - where’s the brownie?"
H A P P Y  +  P R O U D
Feel happy, proud, and confident in your body (+ envy-inducing, glowing skin) so that you look forward to getting dressed, shopping, and expressing your style in the boardroom, or the bedroom.
U N D E R S T A N D   S U P P L E M E N T S
Understand the exact supplements & self-care to actually get your body results, instead of barely used bottles mentioned in a magazine, sitting on your shelf.
B E T T E R   B O D Y
Have better digestion, mental clarity, deep sleep, improved moods, boosted immune system, hormonal balance, and decision making juice. Can I get a hallelujah?
G R O U N D E D  +  N O U R I S H E D
Feel grounded, present, & nourished in your life, instead of rundown, stressed, and waiting for ‘someday’ to take care of yourself. Why wait another minute?
M O M E N T U M  +  F O U N D A T I O N
Create the confidence, momentum, and foundation for, “I’ve got this.” - showing up as the best mom, CEO, actress, friend, coach, doctor, fill-in-the-blank you can be.
Don’t shake your head, I can see you. {wink}

This isn’t one of those 21-day ‘miracles’. This isn’t about starving or depriving and it certainly isn’t about anything involving cayenne pepper and lemon.
The Truth: 
In order to become the woman know you can be and show up fully in your life, you have to fuel your body and mind.
How? The 'right' foods + self-care. These combined create the base for a thriving, successful, luminary life. Let me show you how to create your foundation. 

Give me 21-days and you’ll experience a whole new way of feeling, being, and showing up fully in your body {and life}.
I N T R O D U C I N G   T H E
Luminary Reset
This 21-day online program teaches the foundational basics on how to take care of yourself {food, supplements, habits, support} so that you can embody that luminary lifestyle and show up as the best mom, CEO, actress, friend, coach, doctor, fill-in-the-blank you can be. Because being a ladyboss is no easy feat and you deserve to be educated, equipped, and empowered to go out there and crush it.

If you’re feeling tired, confused, and a bit ‘meh’ in your body, life, and how you’re showing up...and thinking, “You know what? I know I’m better than this and meant for more.” This is for you. To feel, be, and show up lighter, brighter, energized, and more confident, clear, and trusting of yourself than you’ve been in a while.

Luminary Reset is the tools, knowledge, strategy, and research-backed, results-proven plan to get you the results you desire AND the wisdom & soul to make it a luscious, sustainable experience {luminary style} -- well after the 21 days are over.
Hi, I'm Katie. 
I’m a freedom coach, life & business strategist, and leader of a community of over 20,000+ ambitious women choosing to live & lead by design, instead of default. I wake up with energy and mental clarity, a body I feel really good in, and the knowledge and confidence to know exactly what to do to bring myself back home if I get a little off.

But, 10 years ago that wasn’t the case. After several years of digestion, hormone, mood, energy, and weight issues, the right food and self-care was my gateway to waking up my entire life and becoming more of the woman I knew I could be.

With the newfound momentum, I finished my masters in psychology {specifically how people learn & change}, became a certified integrative nutrition coach, am featured as a food, freedom & lifestyle expert for nationally recognized companies, and have now guided over 200 women through the Reset program and 300+ through my signature lifestyle program.

But my favorite part: when we get your food + self-care foundation in place, the confidence, energy and momentum become inevitable and create a incredible ripple effect to those around you.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, confusing, or depriving, but the real secret & results come from combining strategy with soul - the tools, knowledge,and research-backed, results-proven roadmap WITH beauty, experience, lusciousness, and inspiration. That’s my sweet spot.

If you’re an ambitious woman who is more than ready to redesign your body (with ease + a roadmap), find your freedom and have the foundation to become more of the woman you’ve always known you could be, this program is for you. Join me and let’s create your momentum.  
I never want to feel like that again after realizing what I was missing!…I have more energy than ever, my digestion is much better and I lost over 10 pounds!! The Reset is easy-to-follow and incorporate into a busy lifestyle thanks to Katie's shopping lists, meal plans and recipes. I used to be intimidated by the grocery store, but now going is one of my favorite parts of my week!
The Luminary Reset was JUST what my body needed. I thought that I had pretty decent eating habits and knew enough to fuel my body with the right foods, but through this program I learned so much more of what my body needs and how to treat it right! I had some great results - lost 14 lbs, my skin became clearer, and gained confidence in how I had control over my body. However, the greatest reward was being at a point where I could feel my body talking to me... Luminary Reset was definitely worth the commitment and investment, I would do it again in a second!
As I started valuing myself, an amazing thing happened…I actually had more time, more balance, more love, more energy, more zest to pour into those around me! I cannot tell you how much this program changed my life (and I only really did the essentials…if only I would have taken time for the entire program???). Yes, I lost the weight I was wanting to lose, my energy drastically increased, my skin is much more full of color, and I LOVED all of the food – so FULL of FLAVOR. But really, it was putting the value and love of myself back into my self-care that I am SO thankful for.
What You'll Learn
C O R E   F O O D   C O N C E P T S
The core concepts of food and nutrition to get crystal clear on how your body works {which foods give/take energy, boost/slow your metabolism, provide/diminish mental clarity, increase happiness/sadness} + why NOT uncovering this crucial info sets you up for failure no matter how much/little you eat, what you eat, or if you go to the gym.
R E M O V E   R O A D B L O C K S
The 3 killer reasons your body feels weighed down, your mind fuzzy, and why changing it is like an uphill battle. Plus, how to immediately ease these out of your life.
# 1   F O O D
The number one food every woman should eat - regardless of body type, ancestry or health issues.
W H Y   C R A Z Y   C R A V I N G S
THE food that triggers crazy cravings and the desire to eat unnecessary amounts of food (even when you’re not hungry).
U N D E R S T A N D   S U P P L E M E N T S
Understand the exact supplements & self-care  to actually get your body results and when + how to use them. {And which ones to never use.}
Y O U R   S P A C E
The key pieces you must have {or not have} in your living space to create super easy food choices and a Napa-soiree-at-sunset dining experience vs. boring oatmeal while at your desk.
E S S E N T I A L   O I L S
What essential oils really are, why they are a missing piece in the food + self-care foundation, and how to use 10 of the most popular and widely used oils for better, quicker, and easier resetting.
L I V E   B Y   D E S I G N
How ladyboss luminaries set their week up so that what they desire {food choices, sleep, dinner dates, laughter} DOES happen… and is inevitable, even easy.
DELICIOUS: The secret to making healthy foods {think: kale. cauliflower. quinoa.} actually taste amazing.
DIGESTION: Why digestive problems really occur and how to start healing your gut immediately. {note: just taking probiotics won’t fix it}
BREAKFAST: What breakfasts work with your body so you can increase your overall energy and performance.
HORMONES: How to reset and support your hormones. These babies are connected to everything - sleep, metabolism, cravings, energy, & more.
FREEDOM: How to tune into your body’s signals and intuition so you finally feel free and in control.
OUT 'N ABOUT: How to make great choices when you go out {bars, restaurants, parties}, stay in {dinner parties and hosting}, and travel.
Life Changing. I started on a journey to truly know my body through the Reset. Empowered with knowledge, delicious whole food recipes and genuine care, I succeeded. I lost 20 pounds (and have kept it off!), gained control of my eating habits and managed a long-term health issue naturally. Gone are the days of the munchies, venti coffees and bloating. I am so grateful for Katie and her help in coming fully alive.
Unlike every single “diet” I’ve done in the past, the Reset never once left me hangry (hungry + angry), and yet when it was over I stepped on the scale and weighed less than I did when I graduated from high school. Adios, law school weight! Since it ended, I’ve kept the weight off, continued to use a bunch of the fabulous recipes, and generally felt more sparkly and comfortable in my own skin than I have since I was a kid. I truly had a blast eating delicious, Instagram-worthy food, and taking the time to take really excellent care of myself. 
As I near the end of this experience I feel, more than anything, reminded that what we eat really, really matters. I have been careless about this before and am grateful for the reminder. I feel really good. I sleep better…and my eczema has entirely cleared up. Several people have commented that my facial skin looks good. On the whole I feel much more comfortable digestion-wise than I have in a long time, and a general sense of malaise that had descended over me in recent years lifted.
What's Included
G U I D E  +  T R A I N I N G

Mini guidebook {pdf} with an overview of the full program, toxicity quiz, tips & tricks {think: dining out, hosting dinners, happy hour navigation, busy schedules, traveling}, schedules & check-in sheets, cravings troubleshooting, + FAQ from alum. $197 value.

Over 75 delicious Luminary Reset recipes to cook from - including smoothies, cocktails, snacks, dips, and desserts! $47 value.

O I L S  +   S U P P L E M E N T S

4 key Reset-specific essential oils from the purest & most effective essential oil company in the world, top rated probiotics, gut restoration support, and key nutrient and cellular support. Shipped directly to your door + guidance provided. $299 value.
G R O U P   S U P P O R T

A private group facebook page will help keep you accountable, provide encouragement and inspiration, plus a direct line to ask Katie your burning Qs during the 21-days. {Optional} $250 value.
M E A L   P L A N S

For each day of the program you'll have a plan so you don't have to worry or feel overwhelmed about what to cook and eat. It's a guide, not a rulebook. $187 value.
S H O P P I N G   L I S T S

Each week you'll get a shopping list to save you time, less stress, and ensure greater success and ease. $127 value.
I N B O X   E M A I L S

Throughout the 21-days, I'll send short emails to keep you motivated, inspired, and successful. Don't worry - I won't blow up your inbox. ;) $47 value.
L I F E T I M E   A C C E S S

You’ll have 24/7 access to the Luminary Reset through our online member portal for as long as it’s offered. Any time you feel stressed, frustrated, or need a refresher, it's waiting for you!
How Does This Work?
W H E N   C A N   I   S T A R T ?
You'll start your bonus mini jumpstart course the Wednesday after you enroll and your Week 1 content will be start the following Monday. If you want to start earlier or later, you can easily reply to my welcome email and we'll get you set up!

W H A T   H A P P E N S   N E X T
Once you register, an email will be immediately sent to you welcoming you to the Reset, providing private membership login details, and information on next juicy steps.
W E E K L Y   C O N T E N T
Each Saturday the content for the following week will be made available on your private member website - all in MP3 and pdf formats so you can download, listen, re-listen, take with you in the car, bus, or even listen to in the bubble bath, and continually reference without being stuck to a book or computer. This includes meal plans and shopping lists - giving you the weekend to shop and prep with ease.

E S S E N T I A L   O I L S  +  S U P P L M E N T S

After you register, your oils + supplements will be immediately ordered + sent from our provider's distribution center. You should receive them within 3-5 days.
Y O U R   I N V E S T M E N T 
 Because you are too amazing to live a half life.
 Because it’s not about someday, it’s about right now.
 Because food is not the enemy, it’s the liberator.

 The best decision you’ll ever make for your body {+ happiness} just became the easiest.
 Click the "register now" button below to get started.

Outside the U.S.? You can absolutely join! 
Just send me a note at hello@katiedenouden.com for pricing in other countries. 

​​​​​​​Note: Must not have a current wholesale account with doTerra. 
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! With your help, I have turned my life around! I went into this program hoping to lose weight….not realizing that there was so much more to it that I needed! I have lost 36 pounds. But, most importantly…I feel great! I did not even realize that I needed to (and could) feel better! I have not had a migraine, my hip pain is gone, no more indigestion, my skin looks 10 years younger (many people have commented on that) and I have much more energy!…
I feel much more in tune with my body, my weight is down to where I want it to be and I love the way clothes fit me now, which feels nice, just sayin’.

The 21-day Luminary REset was extremely freeing. Before this, I was thinking about food too much, having difficulty sleeping and really wanted my skin to clear up. Now, I’m sleeping better, waking up feeling energized and my skin is clearing up – it looks brighter and healthier…I finally feel like I have the power and motivation to say no to food that I know is not nourishing my body.
Great energy, a positive attitude, and (like you said) mental clarity! Had you asked me beforehand, I would’ve said there was nothing wrong with my mental clarity. Now I get it. I’m more focused, more motivated and more on top of things. I love how I feel and I really don’t want to go back to my old way of eating.

And I’ve actually really enjoyed the time spent in the kitchen. Somehow, the extra cooking hasn’t overwhelmed me, it’s made me feel better!